Thursday, July 30, 2009


There are four ways to get an advertising spot on Indie Craft Corner:

1) Flat Rate: $5.00 / month. Ad can be an Etsy Mini (2X3) or Square Ad (125X125) Sorry, no animated ads.

2) Submit a free giveaway. You will receive a free ad spot (square) for the month with link to your shop.

3) Bid on a spot. You will see on the right hand side an area called "Project Wonderful" you can bid on that spot.

4) Craft Project Contest:
Enter a DIY craft project for posting (pattern, instructions, etc...) and get an ad for the month if your craft is published.

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PixieDust said...

I just submitted my link and info to be featured on your blog; however, I am also interested in advertising. Please contact me at

Thank you,