Thursday, July 30, 2009

Studio M.M.E.: Fine art pen and ink prints

In her own words...

"I'm currently one semester away from completing my undergraduate degrees in art and creative writing. I pretty much taught myself pen and ink techniques that haven't been used in a generation (they pretty much went out of favor after the early 1900s and the Golden Age of Illustration). I opened my shop on Etsy and started my own business, Studio M.M.E. as a competition with my boyfriend as to who could get their shop registered first. He beat me by a day. The business was also a MUST from my mother, who let me pursue my degrees with the solemn promise that I would open a business before I graduated. Thanks, Mom!
I can't really think of anything else right now. My envelopes are handmade from upcycled children's books or old magazines. And the note cards are my newest creation. Still working out the bugs on those. Haha, need to find people with a weird sense of humor."

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