Friday, February 5, 2010

Little White Chapel: Handmade and Vintage Wedding Accessories

In her own words...

Little White Chapel is all about giving brides beautiful--and affordable-- wedding jewelry. I'm a newlywed myself and when I was planning, I was totally blown away by how expensive everything got once it was associated with a wedding. We're talking hideously overpriced. So once I got over my indignation, I decided to do my part to buck the trend and Little White Chapel was born. The shop features a combination of handmade and vintage jewelry and accessories. I try to make the handmade pieces extra special by using vintage parts, so it's like wearing a little bit of history.

My favorite materials are glass pearls, vintage aurora borealis beads, and vintage cabochons. I pay some attention to bridal trends, but I base most of my designs around my own vintage-y aesthetic. Custom orders and collaborations have made up a large chunk of my business so far (I opened shop in November), and more are always welcome! You can send me an email to paige.ronchetti[!at}

When I'm not working on the store (which is rare) you can find me trapped at my day job, watching 30 Rock and The Office, or reading. My latest book is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

A line of bridesmaid jewelry is in the works for 2010, and some additional wedding party gifts might get thrown into the mix as well. As of right now, I'm focusing on... Free Shipping February! All this month, standard shipping is free. The details can be found below:

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