Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Crimson Hill: Hand-Poured Luxury Soaps

In her own words:

We strive to surpass your skin-care expectations by creating luxury vegan soaps that offer skin nutrition by blending natural ingredients with nutrient-rich additives, powders, oils and botanicals.

Not only are the soap bases we offer 100% natural, many of the individual soaps we offer are also 100% natural as they are fragranced with Essential Oils and colored with Natural Mica and Vegetable Powders! We offer our Natural Luxe Soap, which is our Signature base, and five additional natural specialty soap blends that include Moisturizing Milks, Shea Butter, Hemp Oil, Oatmeal and Honey.

All of our soaps are wonderfully nourishing on their own, but for those who desire a little more luxury in their soap, we offer soaps made with additional nutrient-rich additives such as pumpkin flakes, lavender, natural oils, botanicals, milk powders, clays, natural luffa and apricot seed!

We are confident that you will be delighted with any of our hand-poured, natural soaps and hope you will try all of our blends.

FEATURED PRODUCT: Pampering Pumpkin Exfoliation Soap-5 oz
Indulge in the power of pumpkin! Rich in Vitamins A & C and zinc, pumpkin is high in antioxidants and promotes skin healing. To create this creamy and very gentle exfoliation bar, we add Pumpkin Flakes, Buttermilk Powder and Coconut Milk Powder to our Natural Luxe Soap base that is made from coconut oil. The result is a generously sized bar that offers superior moisture, nourishment and natural mild exfoliation.

This all-natural pampering bar is fragranced our Divine Pumpkin Fragrance Oil Blend that combines an amazing blend of sweetened warm vanilla and lavish real pumpkin spices. Truly indulgent for fall and the holidays!

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Diana said...

Pumpkin anything always sounds rich and delicious to me.

Pumpkin is really good for the skin too! (at least eating it is)