Monday, November 15, 2010

Victoria Ruhl: V*Dazzled unique, gorgeous, sparkling, handmade jewelry

In her own words:

My name is Victoria, I am 26 years old and by day I am a PhD student studying cancer biology, by night I am a jewelry designer. I live in central Massachusetts and have been in this state for my whole life. I started learning to make jewelry and designing as a way to take my mind off of school, but I really started loving it and decided to jump into etsy (which is now what I spend all of my free time (outside of school)doing!). My etsy shop has been open for almost 3 months now. Since I am so invested in cancer research I make beaded bracelets for childhood cancer and breast cancer. I donate 50% of the proceeds from these bracelets to fundraising for the respective cancers. As for the rest of my shop, I believe that everyone should have some sparkle all the time so I try to add sparkling elements to every piece of jewelry I make.

Right now I am offering FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE until January!

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