Friday, December 3, 2010

A.L. Designs: Handmade Jewelry and Miniature Food

In her own words:

HI!! My name is Adrine and I am with A.L. Designs. Initially, I went into art in order to design unique pieces for myself to wear. However, in time, I came to fall in love with it and started exploring the various crafting techniques. I just can't stop doing them everyday! I always love something with flowers, plants, birds, fairy and things that are natural.

I have been playing with clay for 5 years and I still love it. The clay is where I search for different techniques to be used on my current designs. :)

Sometimes I like something cute not just glam style. I think they can be interesting as well. I am hoping to create something as real as possible with clay. They look amazingly real like edible food. As for fairy I always feel a link between me and them so I like to make them as if in nature.

I am someone cheerful and very happy with my 6 babies (not real babies) - 2 dogs, 1 bunny and my 3 hamsters. :) To me my pets are like part of my family. I have wonderful friends I always admire, and that have gone through thick and thin with me. :) I don't know if this is crazy dream ... but I do think of helping as many animals as I can when I am financial very stable. Everyone deserve a second chance to lead a better life. :)

I sell my craft at the fair, online stores, my blog and my personal website.

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