Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bright Side Out

Multicolored Daisy Ribbon Pillow

Fabulous ribbon pillows and daisy pincushions are found in this shop.

My mother and I started this shop together. We currently reside in Missouri after moving from California almost 3 years ago. Mom does woodwork and I do sewing and crocheting. We both work full time jobs, but always manage to find time to work on our projects (especially in the winter).

We are hoping to add trinket boxes and crocheted scarves here and there through winter. My mom is currently working on 3-D wood butterflies (like the one in my avatar) in a couple of different sizes. They will be beautiful.

We are inspired by color. We love things that are cheerful and make you smile when you see them. Life can be so serious, sometimes it's nice to throw in a little whimsy to brighten your day.

My mom has always been crafty. She got a scroll saw when I was young and away she went making all kinds of cute decorations. I used to help her paint, but I didn't think I was very creative. Mom could make something out of just about anything. It was a few years ago when I found my niche. I came across a pattern for a ribbon pillow. I made one and it was a hit with all my friends and coworkers and I started making them in all different colrs and selling them. Now I try to learn something new each year.

It is soooo hard to pick a favorite, but I'd have to say that out of what I have listed now is my fall pillow. It's perfect for getting you into the feel of the season right now.

Fall Ribbon Pillow

Click on their shop link below to view their line of ribbon pillows and pincushions:
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I love your pincushions. All of your things are so colorfull. Beautiful!!