Thursday, October 9, 2008


Bold Pearl And Ruby Bracelet

Classically inspired jewelry pieces.

I am a die hard jewelry designer, a mom and a grandmother. All girls, so when I make a new piece of jewelry They are right there checking it out!!! I went to art school, but really found my calling with jewelry design. I have been making jewelry for many years but started seriously designing in the early 90's.

I am always inspired to make better and more interesting pieces. I really love gemstones and this is a great inspiration for my work. Too bad there are not more hours in a day!!!

I actually started crafting when I was fifteen. That was in the 60's. That was a great time for doing handmade , fantastically inventive things. My friend had a shop that sold crafty items from the East and locally handmade jewelry, clothing and pottery. Those were fun times!!!
I never looked back. I spent time in Europe and Asia, studying and working in the jewelry business. Asia was awe inspiring in relation to handmade items. They can make almost anything out of almost nothing at all!

I love making rings, so that would probably be my favorite section in the store.

Ceylon Sapphire,Sterling,18kt. ring

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