Thursday, October 9, 2008

C Mikel Designs

Wedding Invitation - Original Design - You Print

Does your shop need a makeover? C Mikel Designs specializes in graphic services. banners, avatars, stationary (print at home) and web site design.

I graduated with a Business degree from the University of North Carolina and upon 6 month of graduation moved to California to begin my career in the digital/interactive business industry. Mid-2008, while still a full time employee within the interactive/digital world, I launched C Mikel Designs to enter the world of freelance website and graphic design. Over the past few months I have built/designed several websites complete with graphic elements, SEO and widgets.

Inspired by everyday life. Taking a feeling or instance and transforming that into a graphic illustration

My favorite item is the customized banner, because I like the challenge of trying to take someone’s vision and passion and turn that into a concrete work of art.

Winged Heart - 2 Custom Banners PLUS 2 Avatars

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Love the wedding card.