Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Make Your Own- Voodoo Susan
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Plush toys, paintings, zines featuring illustrations and artworks, paper dolls, make your own plush and origami kits.

I'm an artist from Newcastle, Australia. I have a bit of an obsession with origami, and incorporate it into most of my paintings, but I also use the cranes for sculpture. Just getting myself established as an artist, and I have a market stall at our local farmers market once a fortnight which I use to generate funds to feed my stationary and paint obsessions. Feel free to use any of what is written in my profile on Etsy or info I have written in my blog:

I've always been one of those people who had to be doing something with their hands. I had ADD as a child, and one of my teachers hit upon the idea of letting me make origami cranes while in class so that I wouldn't get distracted as easily. It worked.

About a year ago I was treading water in an admin job that I really hated when my best friend told me about a government run program that helps people get their small businesses off the ground. I spent 6 weeks doing a business course and putting together a detailed business plan, then I went up against a board of scary (not their fault, they were nice, I was just really nervous) govt types to prove that I was serious. Two weeks later they got back to me and I now have a grant that pays my rent while I develop my business Emerald Arts.

I have developed a line of toys and worked on my painting style. I've also made up a range of products that are aimed at stimulating others to create. I have kits for making toys, a zine/sketchbook of my drawings that kids can colour in and make paper dolls out of, origami strand kits and (most recently) little canvases printed with my drawings that can be painted in by the purchaser.

My zine Book Art. I created it because I was going to a zine fair and I wanted to fit in with the cool kids. It consists of scans of an Art Book that I made out of my music textbook (loved music, but I am musically dyslexic unfortunately), using mixed media and a whole lot of shellac. It was my year eleven major work, but I have added to it over the years, and it holds a lot of fond memories. Mostly I love it because I was at boarding school at the time and it was a very communal creative experience. Nearly everyoen in the house contributed something to the book, a scrap of lace, a favourite postcard, a letter... it was my first experience of collaborative art and I loved it.

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Make Your Own- Voodoo Susan

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Beth M said...

I love "The Song of the Ghost Gums" - it's kinda creepy & sad. I'm not sure why -

Thanks for sharing

crystal said...

I have come across your color your own pages a couple times in the past.I think it is a great idea!!My favorite is Creatures and Dreams:)

quitecontrary1977 said...

I like U polar Bear is adorable!

Digital Misfit said...

oooh I love the Man from Outer Space!

He is just adorable!

I think your DIY kits are fantastic too!

Luck said...

The Man from Outer Space is my favorite - great tongue in cheek items. Art that walks a little on the dark side...Thanks for the giveaway!


Sock Monkey Greetings said...

I love the I Heart You Polar Bear - this is an awesome gift for my husband when he deploys to Iraq again. Adding it to my favorites.

Rachel said...

oh my gosh, love this: Paper Doll Kit - Voodoo Susan is a mermaid
i used to love these as a kid. very creative!

sunswirlgirl at aol dot com

Digital Misfit said...

Steeeeve is so cute!! Such a happy looking little fellow.