Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Official Contest Rules

Official Contest Rules:

Indie Craft Corner and its owner/editor/sponsor, herein referred to as Indie Craft Corner inclusive, are simply hosting the “giveaways” contests and are not directly or indirectly involved in the production/selection/shipping of the prizes.

All of the prizes available in the giveaways are provided by shop sponsors who are independent of Indie Craft Corner and they (the contest shop sponsors) alone bear any responsibility for tort damages arising from the contest prizes provided.

All contest shop sponsors explicitly agree to all terms by agreeing to submit prizes to Indie Craft Corner giveaways/contests.

Indie Craft Corner is not responsible for personal or financial injury, damages or losses resulting from the contest prizes hosted on our giveaways. Indie Craft Corner is not responsible for, nor bears any liability, for any damaged and /or lost packages, illegal items, or any other fees associated with the contest prizes.

Sponsors will not be held responsible for damaged and/or lost packages.

Contest entrants may enter each individual contest to a maximum of three (3) times over the course of the contest but cannot submit multiple entries – to the same contest - on the same day.

Prize recipients are responsible for any incurred fees such as but not limited to: broker fees, taxes, customs charges, associated with receiving their prizes.

Prize recipients allow Indie Craft Corner to publish their name and/or nickname as the winner of the contest. One winner will be selected randomly from each contest to win the sponsored prize. Where the sponsored prize is unavailable a suitable replacement prize will be substituted as determined between Indie Craft Corner and the contest sponsor. Winners must respond within 24 hours after being contacted otherwise another winner will be randomly selected.

All contest entrants explicitly agree as an act of entering the contest to all contest rules and terms associated with the contest in order to be eligible to receive a prize should their name be selected.

All editor decisions are final.

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