Tuesday, November 18, 2008


First 1st Communion, Baptism, Confirmation, Adult or Child

Custom Name Baptism Pearl Bracelet

I always have problem where to start when people ask me "Tell a bit about yourself". I sometimes felt like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde...

I have a bachelor degree in Architectural Engineering and MBA in Finance. I used to work for Arthur Andersen and GE. After I become a mom, I decided to work from home... but not sure what. Then in 2001 my friend invited me to a bead party. The rest is history... I'm a mom during the day and I turn to a creative owl at night .... spooky...

Her Inspiration:
Anything... from nature to man made. Nights or in the showers are usually the best time for me to get ideas...
I once have an idea in a restaurant. So I had to "fight" with my 7 years old because I needed her crayons and doodle paper...

All are my favorites... Recently, I design more geometrical (architecture inspired) shape pieces, like this listing:

Square sterling Architecture inspired earrings with blue beads

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