Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Henrietta Elephant

Super cute shop sells quilts, dolls. soft sculpture dolls, hand &
machine knitted items, embroidery items, and more.

We are a joint venture of myself (Rita) , my sister (Frances), and our mom (Irene) we saw Etsy on Martha Stewart and we decided to look into it . we all have been crafty all of our lives we like to make anything that we think is cute and we love. we are always tring new things. I make body pillow, quilts, dolls, etc... my sister hand knits and machine knits, machine embroiders and she sews beautifully, our mom makes the purses and wallets and she make very beautiful dolls I am disabled and my mom is retired and my sister still works but we all work together and live together and we share some sewing, crafting space.

Well we get inspired by seeing other enjoy our handcrafted items and by seeing other wonderful artists and their beautiful work. We are always looking for our next project.

Well our mom was always saving magazines and patterns so believe it or not my mom still has all thos patterns from the 60's she would save from the magazines and she would use the over head projector and work , she use to be a pre-school teacher, so while the kids were napping she would blow up the patterns thats where MIlo and Octavia , Cleo Octopus came from a 70's pattern that my mom had but I redesigned it to have a full head and more 3D.

Scappy Buddies

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Kraftykrew said...

Hi there, wow thanks so much for the oppourtunity to be featured. We are ablut to have our large craft show in Morro Bay, Ca its their Christmas Street fair 3 city blocks and they ecepect 50,000 people so keep us in your prayers and thougths and thanks again you did a great job :~) Rita