Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Vivat Veritas

Pink Little Riding Hood Jacket

Beautiful shop specializing in dynamic dresses!

About the Shop Owner:
My shop name is "Vivat Veritas". It means "Live the truth" in Latin.
I am 24 years old, and work at a law firm full time during the day. I'm from Japan, born and raised there. I came here in the States in 2004 for school. After school I ended up staying here in Philadelphia.

Window shopping and Japanese magazine, named "Sweet". Whenever my friends go back to Japan, I make sure to ask them to buy me a magazine.

I've always loved crafting and creating stuff. I paint furniture, knit and sew. I started making clothes since it's cheaper for me to make than to buy at stores. I can also make in whatever size, shape, and color I want:)

Favorite Item:
I sold many kimono top and dresses (outside of Etsy). It's comfy, but also flattering at the same time. I made one for myself and wear it pretty often.

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runrabbitrun said...

Wow! I love the clothes you make! My favorite is definitely the Retro Secretary Skirt. :0)