Monday, November 17, 2008

Love Peace and DYE

Fun funky recycled creations

Love Peace and DYE is an inspired movement to raise social consciousness in all aspects of our culture and consumerism, and share our love for crafts. In all our various works we infuse our love and passion for this planet and humanity by recycling everything we can. I'm a social activist and a caring consumer, and this allows me to blend my recycled artist talents into something more important than making fashion.

I have always made jewelery as well as sewn clothing for myself and my friends. I grew up in an area where there really wasnt, and still isnt, any local store for tie dyes, patchworks, great dresses. so i made then for me - ever since i can remember - I started crafting out of my need for fashion :)

In her Etsy shop you can find 100% hand made and recycled crafts mostly, including Hemp jewelery for people, as well as collars and leashes (and custom harnesses) for dogs and cats, serged and sewn swirly skirts in all sizes and colors, as well as t-shirt skirts, patchwork, pants, tyedyes, reverse dyes, as well as weather related items like scarves, and recycled camping chair tote bags and other creations :)

My fave answer to this question is GARBAGE :) other peoples trash !! we live in a world where we throw away everything, and i use my art as a form of silent protest. There is a stain, but is the entire blanket trash ?? and why not just use and reuse everything ? i have started thinking of interior design as well - making things like lampshades out of trash as well :) just wait and see!

This is the hardest question ever! I like being able to take an aeropostal item and make it something flaming for peace :) An example of that is shown below.


GreenDoreen said...

We need more people like you in the world. Useful stuff gets tossed everyday. Keep up the good work!

Joan said...

Tiffy is such a genius. I have one of her swirlies and it just makes me smile every time I wear it.