Wednesday, October 15, 2008



Custom - a Book a Here book

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A custom cloth photo album or book - your choice. The book is approximately 9" x 6". You pick everything - the cloth and what you want in it. Please note that you are limited to the cloth that I have on hand. I can email pictures you can choose from. Also, the book is only 3 pages front and back - for a total of 6 pages.

I have a Masters in technical theatre. Basically that means that I can do everything for the stage, but act! I can design sets, lights, costumes, props, sound and stage manage. I am a creative person that also happens to be anal and organized.

My father, who is an artist. Other people's work in general. I am amazed at the things people create. I spend hours looking at etsy stores and deviantart.

I started young and it was from my grandmother, Bunny's, influence. My brother, cousin and I would spend at least 2 weeks (sometimes more) every summer at my grandparents house. Every year Bunny (my grandmother would not let us call her grandmother, or grandma or anything like that. We had to call her by her name. And she made us call our grandfather by his name. Strange, I know!) Anyway...Bunny would teach us something new each summer. We learned to paint, decorate a cake, and sew among other things. I enjoyed sewing the most.

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Custom - a Book a Here book

Start October 16, 2008
End October 31st, 2008 at Midnight EST

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quitecontrary1977 said...

Neat shop! I like the custom cloth children's book! These are so cute!

jenny said...

wow i realy think you have some nice things here there realy cute and i love to win a book like this for my little one

Luck said...

Clementine Penguin is too cute...great concept for a series. Thanks for your generous giveaway!


mel*~reachforthestars~* said...

Clementine Zippered Coin Pouch is my favorite! So cute & it even has a little ribbon on its head..


Hui Shan said...

Your Custom Cloth Pet Books/Photo Albums is such a great idea. Thumbs up for such a cool & unique idea..

Hui Shan

Sock Monkey Greetings said...

My favorite is Clementine Zippered Pouch. My niece would enjoy that - bookmarking for holiday shopping.

TiLT said...

What cute books - they'd make wonderful keepsakes. And thoses penquins - adorable.


Anonymous said...

my favorite items are the little coin purses.

jkupc7 said...

The Clementine Zippered Coin Pouch is cute. I love the children's books. :D

jkupc7 at yahoo dot com