Thursday, July 30, 2009

Little M & Co.: Handmade Photo Jewelry & Accessories


In her own words...

"Ever since I can remember jewelry has been a part of my life. My mom always had time to look at jewelry and it didn’t matter what style or price point, everything interested her. And being her only daughter I learned to love the sparkle in every piece too.

I discovered Etsy on accident and as soon as I found it I knew it would be a perfect outlet for my passion. If you asked my husband he would say I am obsessed. Of course my first obsession is my family and that is what has inspired the custom photo charms in my collection. I love making these charms; the pictures that people have of their loved ones are amazing."

20% off Sale Til August 8th!
to receive your 20% (refunded through paypal)
be sure to mention "Indie Craft" upon checkout.

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