Saturday, July 25, 2009

Stitch N Momma

Vintage Finished Round Needlepoint Pillow

Artist Bio:
"I first learned needlework when I was 6. It started as needlepoint and has progressed through several different types. Cross stitch is definitely my favorite. I have been creating my own patterns for several years now. I started when my parents bought me the computer program and I wanted to start playing around with something different than what you normally find in retail stores. I had been selling my patterns on Ebay for awhile and found out about Etsy when I was speaking with one of the ladies from my favorite local needlework store. She told me I should check out Etsy, it was only for handmade items and much cheaper than ebay. I went home that night and opened my store! I'm currently working on stocking it, which is taking some time as I made the business decision to only post patterns when I have actually stitched it myself and can show my buyers what it will really look like. If you look at my Sunsational Sunflowers you can see the difference between what a digital photo will look like and the final stitched piece. The vast majority of other shops have a lot of postings but use the digital photo only."

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