Friday, August 28, 2009

Add A Dangle: Where you create the possibilities

Artist Statement

My journey started with a trip to a local bead store and that was it...I was hooked. The shiny pretties had me...they allowed me to play with them and create amazing things and my gosh did I have a major crush on them. The styles, cuts, colors, oh my! There was no turning back (not that I would ever wanted to). That was now 10 years ago.

While I was truly having an amazing time designing and selling my jewelry pieces I was getting a little restless so I started making these little "Dangles" for my jewelry as a way to add a different element to my pieces. I had tried to find that sort of thing on the open market and just couldn't find anything that fit me. So after a few months of making my own I always had people on the streets, other designers what have you asking about my "Dangles" on my jewelry. And one day it hit me...why not add that as a component of my already existing jewelry line. So Add A Dangle was born.

Our pieces are meant to assist you in whatever way you see fit. Pop one Dangle on a chain and you have a finished piece, it's that simple. Add on other pieces as the mood hits you...a gemstone of your or your childs birth month a stone that reminds you of a trip youv'e taken and you have a piece of jewelry that has grown through time...almost like our journey through life takes us all..a piece here a piece there and in the end hopefully it all adds up to something worth cherishing.

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