Thursday, August 13, 2009 Melanie: Bringing you smiles from the sewing machine...

Black, White, and Red All Over...Large Pleated Shoulder Bag

In her own words.... Melanie is a little endeavor that I started in 2006. I happened onto a local craft show, at which I spent $35 on earrings. Afterwards, I thought why couldn't I do that? It seemed like a great way to earn a little extra cash while channeling my inner artist. There was nothing stopping me, I went home that day and started crafting away. It began with some crocheted scarves, framed fabric art and borrowed Ez-up. I am a seamstress in an alterations shop during the day, so working with the sewing machine comes natural to me. That is how I found my niche in handbags. Unfortunately, that is also how I found my addiction to buying fabric! I later found Etsy, it changed the way I thought about crafts. I started selling to customers all over the world, and now I am hooked. Give me a yard of fabulous fabric and watch out...My favorite piece is this black and white check pleated bag. I love the large size and bold red interior. I actually made one for myself! I always carry my own handbags. It is probably because I feel so good when someone comments on it and I say, "Thanks, I made it."

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Christie Cottage said...

What a cute bag!

runrabbitrun said...

Wow! I love your designs! Your coin purses are adorable. You are now one of my favourite sellers. :)