Monday, August 24, 2009

La Maison des Fibres: yarns and fibers

In her own words...
"Being English but having spent most of my life in France, I suppose it was inevitable that I should become an English teacher! However once my day job is finished my “fibreholism” takes over! My love of all things ‘fibrey’ started when I was old enough to hold a needle! From a very young age, I enjoyed watercolour painting too and that interest in colour spilt over into my passion for fibres and textiles. At about the age of 7 I joined a craft group and learnt to weave on an Inkle loom with a group of ‘old’ ladies (well they seemed old to me at the time!) and my dad made me my very first loom. My interest in fibre crafts grew steadily from there and I have tried my hand at knitting, spinning, felting, dyeing and more recently multilpe shaft weaving but unfortunately the French are not big fibre artists and most of the supplies are hard to come by so my own personal need for interesting, colourful and quality fibres and yarns led me to create La Maison des Fibres (The House of Fibres)."

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La Maison des Fibres said...

Thank you for featuring me. Your blog looks great.