Monday, August 31, 2009

Little Waltz

In her own words...

I have been crafting for many years now, and not just confined to jewelry making. Since young I've always loved to draw and to make crafts. To turn nothing into something, the magic of it mystifies me. Being a musician helps, as a lot of my jewelry is inspired by the feelings I get from my music and all the different kinds of music out there. Like this choker: , named My Fair Lady was inspired by the musical itself.

I don't limit myself to a set range. I experiment and try everything I'm interested in to see if I can improve my jewelry line constantly. I try to keep the prices down while still maintaining the standard and quality that I've come to be known for. I've been selling my jewelry for many years now but have only just started on Etsy, so any new friends or buyers are definitely welcomed!

Crafting makes me happy, but what makes me happier is seeing my creations on others. I feel as though part of me is with them, accompanying them through their lives and hopefully bringing that little bit of joy to the buyers. And since I want my customers to feel truly unique, I never make more than a handful of repeats of each design. Usually I only make one. Nothing kills the buzz more than walking down the street and seeing something you are wearing mirrored on somebody else.

Thank you to Indie Craft Corner for this feature opportunity. I'd just like to say that I do custom orders as well. Should you ever wish to have a custom design made, just send me an email or a convo on Etsy, and we can work something out!

For Indie Craft Corner readers only, please enter the code ICC09 during checkout and you will receive 10% off your total order! (Yes, including shipping!) Just checkout as normal and the difference will be refunded to you.


Vintage Design Studio said...

Little Waltz, you make such fun things! I love that jewelry and music go together.

PurrPrints said...

I love that rain rain go away piece...

p.s.--thanks for your kind words about my art on the Bluegrass Etsy blog--you're one of the people who inspired my latest blog post.