Monday, August 31, 2009

Vintage Design Studio: Vintage & Antique Linens repurposed as Pillows & Totes

Artist Statement:

Old damask and lace, embroidery and crochet, linen and silk, these I love! I inherited boxes and trunks of antique family linens, and those of dear friends as well. I couldn't seem to pass up beautiful vintage fabrics and needlework, and I collected much over the years. What would you do if your shelves were overflowing with gorgeous things that you didn't dare to use in the kitchen for fear of messing them up?? Well, about four years ago, I began to use my skills in sewing and tailoring to repurpose these fabulous old linens into useable, unique pillows! I sold them through friends and local shops and my own website; and this year my daughter turned me on to Etsy! It has been such fun to join other crafters in the made-by-hand world, and begin to grow my own shop in this wonderful venue.

I still love the smell of freshly cleaned and pressed linens, the special feel of antique fabrics, and the thrill of designing and creating One of a Kind Pillows. I am enamored of the patient, skillful needlework of a generation of women that is long gone. And grateful that I get to turn their art into something new! Come on over for a visit and share the joy. Cheers, Carie


Audrey said...

What a beautiful shop!! Love the tote bags - you can never have to many tote bags!! LOL

I've added your button to the right sidebar on my blog!!

Vintage Design Studio said...

thank you Lisa! first time featured on a blog, and it's a thrill :)

and thank you too, Audrey.. I'm having fun checking out everyone's shops and blogs.. Cheers, Carie