Friday, November 13, 2009

Dream Free Design: Struggle free jewelry

In her own words...

My name is Kelly and I have a dream . . . a dream that all the jewelry in my jewelry box should be easy to put on all by myself. This desire not to struggle with jewelry is one of the inspirations for Dream Free Design. Whether a creation is fun, funky or elegant all bracelets and necklaces have toggle, hook, or magnetic clasps so you can easily wear them.

My favorite items are the Un-Buttons earrings. They were originally inspired by wonderful sets that were marketed as three color coordinating mismatched buttons. I would buy them by the handful and mix and match. Since then I have added shaped buttons to the mix.

In addition to jewelry, I make various other crafts, which have begun to make their way into my shop from their home in the Closet of Forgotten Crafts. My grandmother taught me many of the crafts that I still do today. Every time I complete a project, I feel a renewed connection to her.

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