Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valiant Studios: Photos, Greeting Cards, ACEOs, Bookmarks and More

In her own words...

Hi. My name is Jennifer Sneed of Valiant Studios and I love photography. I currently live in Callender, Iowa. I've had a camera since I was 15 and have always had an "Eye" for seeing things my own way. My fiance, Jeff, says that he can look at a tree and go, "That's just a tree." But, when I photograph it with my camera, he says that it turns into a piece of art. I use a Canon Rebel XL Digital SLR camera for all my photographs.

I only recently decided to market my photographs for sale. I joined Etsy April 2009 after hearing about it on a forum and have been loving it ever since. I sell my photos in all sizes from ACEO (baseball card-sized) to 12x18 and larger. I also sell photo gifts like metal bookmarks, glass tiles, mousepads, playing cards, greeting cards and more. I keep my prices low because I just love to share my visions with everyone! And, I love custom orders! If you like a photo, I can probably make it as anything that I offer! Just ask!

Why do I do what I do? I love nature and animals. Whenever I see something beautiful, I just have to share it. Life is so fleeting, like the momentary flutter of a butterfly's wings, and it makes me sad that so much life comes and goes without being noticed. When I photograph a flower or a spider or butterfly, I give that creature a chance to live on in my heart and the hearts of others through my pictures. I love sharing these tiny gifts with the world.

Besides photography, I collect model horses. I also love anime and video games. I have a weakness for bad horror movies! I love zombie flicks, too. I love to read and write stories as well!

I am engaged to a wonderful guy named Jeff and I have 2 boys from a previous marriage. Brandon is 13 and Kane is 12. They both are great artists and I feature their work in my shop whenever I can. (They have their own section of ACEO artwork). I have an adorably goofy German Shorthair dog named Sasami and an Eastern Painted Turtle named Zombi.

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