Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Anbaa-San: Handmade Jewelery, Including Bamboo Pieces

In her own words:

Hello! I’m Amber, owner and designer of Anbaa-San.

I have always loved art and creating new things. I started out making jewelry for myself, and slowly the people around me began to notice the jewelry I was wearing and wanted items for themselves. So I began teaching myself different techniques and slowly my hobby turned into a small business. Every item I make and sell in my shop is something that I would personally love to wear for myself. I am constantly trying to learn new techniques and methods to incorporate into my jewelry designs.

My favorite items in my shop right now are my new eco-friendly, laser cut bamboo jewelry designs, cut from beautiful amber-colored bamboo. Right now, Anbaa-San only sells jewelry, but I hope to eventually add clothing and other accessories to the shop.

Fall Weekend Sale:
Every Thursday-Sunday in October receive 10% off all earrings

My Etsy Shop:

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Diah Utami said...

Pretty bracelet. Love it ;)