Friday, October 8, 2010

jarg0n: Knit and Crochet with an Unusual Twist

In her own words:

I live with my partner and my 13 yr old son who has Asperger's syndrome. I have always been interested in Arts and Crafts and was taught by my mum from a very early age how to knit.
Due to my son being severely bullied at school I found I had no other option but to home educate. Thanks to my very supportive family things are finally getting back on an even keel and with my son more settled I found I had time on my hands for the first time in years.

I got involved with a charity for bullied children and my mum and I started making crafts to sell to raise money for this. Recently my partner told me about etsy and we decided to open a shop on there, I have to say I have truly loved it. I love creating new items from new ideas and view my shop as "my happy place".

About our shop:
We are a family concern and my son came up with the name "Jarg0n", he also writes most of the item descriptions, my partner is the family "Geek"(apart from my son) and helps me with all things techie, my mum crochets and I knit.
If I were to describe our shop I would say its cute, weird, funky and adorable, We make everything from cute amigurumi to hand felted shrunken head bags, from spooky scary monster hats to cute childrens animal bags!

Thanks for reading and have a browse round our shop if you have time - enjoy

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