Thursday, October 7, 2010

lumafina: Finely Crafted Handmade Jewelery

In her own words:

My jewelry reflects a happy collaboration of the styles I cherish. I design pieces in a contrast of both elements and structure: organic and vintage, airy and funky, modern and natural. Empowering women is something I am passionate about, and creating jewelry with a unique self-expression allows me to feel part of that.

It is important to me to use reclaimed and recycled materials. Whenever possible I buy from ethically aware and local suppliers and use environmentally caring techniques in my studio.

About the artist:
Drawing beauty and wonder from the world has always been my primary focus. I am a lucky girl to be working a handmade life. A jewelry designer working in metal and color. An artist with billions of ideas in her head. A cherisher of books, gardening and danish modern furniture! I love to cook, so anytime you need a fabulous piece of jewelry along with some sound culinary conversation, I'm your girl.

About the name: lumafina
Luminous and fine. Jewelry that is softly aglow with warmth, structure and a fine sense of color.

I am currently having an end of the summer sale on a few select items, mostly 20% off, see my sale section in my shop!

Where you can find lumafina:


Stone Anchor said...

Just checked out the lumafina site, absolutely love the pieces.. very stunning!

Hilary said...

Thanks StoneAnchor! Love your website, very professional.