Friday, October 22, 2010

Petit Ange: Beautiful and Cozy Neckwear

In her own words:

I remember my wonderful grandmother teaching me how to knit. I would sit on the floor next to her chair with my own skein of yarn and I would knit and purl and make lots and lots of knots. Eventually she not only taught me to knit, she taught me kindness, patience and love. So here I am, a grandmother myself, teaching my own grandchildren to knit. I still feel my Gram's love all around me and think that must be what living forever is all about; passing it on.

I think my love of fiber comes from those first lessons. The warmth of the fireplace, leaning against Gram's knee, the feel of the soft wool and the occasional touch of her hand showing me the way. I guess Petit Ange is just another way of passing it on. Thanks, Grammy.

My favorite item is this year's design, The Comfy Cowl. I prefer the taupe one but I have seven colors listed right now with more on the way. It's just so attractive and versatile, you can wear it as a cowl or pull it over your head for more coverage and warmth.

Sales are periodic as the spirit moves me and you can follow me on Twitter as PetitAnge where I immediately post my new listings.

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