Friday, December 17, 2010

JordanRou: Art Dolls, Mixed Media, & More

In her own words:

Hello everyone! My name is Jordan, and I own the etsy shop JordanRou. I do a lot of art doll and collage work, which is what you can find in my shop! I have been hand-sewing dolls since I made my first sock doll at age 8, and that intrest has evolved into the much more elaborate dolls I make now. All of the dolls in my shop are still sewn by hand, and each is completely one of a kind. All the dolls I make have a fantasy theme - I absolutely love fantasy novels! I have been experimenting with collage elements as a part of my artwork only very recently, but I really like the direction that is headed! I'm a member of etsy's ADO (Art Dolls Only) team, and you can see more pictures of my work on their website, My dream is to one day be able to support myself through my art. I love Etsy, because it's helping that dream come true!

Right now I have a sale on my children's and summer dolls, through December 31st! I also recently added some Christmas ornaments to my shop, which are all priced under 10 dollars! Be sure to check it out!

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