Tuesday, February 1, 2011

BHANG-TIEZ: Handmade Macrame Hemp Creations

In her own words:

Hi! My name is Jana, aka Banana. My ETSY shop is BHANG-TIEZ. I have been making jewelry and things with strings since I can remember. Hemp is now my string of choice, as it is natural, strong, and friendly to our earth. My love of macrame came after I received some old macrame magazines from my grandmother. Now anytime I am in a thrift shop I look for old macrame books and magazines, and am still amazed at the all things created just using knots and string. My most recent book is on Macrame Gnomes and Puppets, although I have not attemped one yet.

I love selling on ETSY. In my shop you will find many one of a kind macrame creations. I have created my own Water bottle holder and Bandana designs too. Visit my ETSY shop to find handmade Jewelry, Pet collars and leashes, Plant hangers, Belts, and my all time favorite custom orders....Drum Straps.

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Jana said...

Thank you so much for featuring me and my ETSY shop!