Sunday, October 5, 2008


Siggi - an icelandic mini-monster

Canoo creates hand crafted Monster plushies (dolls) from repurposed, cast-off sweaters.

About Krista:
I live with my boyfriend and 6 cats in the mountains of north carolina, i went to school for ceramics but haven't continued with that (yet), in addition to making things i enjoy hiking, cooking, and music (use only what info seems appropriate, thanks!)

Krista finds inspiration in: Cats, dumb jokes, the oddness of life, random thoughts, colors and textures of my materials. I also knit, and my inspirations for that come from hiking, the natural world, and again textures and colors of the materials i'm working with.

I grew up with a crafty mom but took it for granted most of the time. she taught me to sew, macrame, and embroider - then i became a teen and forgot it all. i've always been the artsy kid and wound up with a BFA in ceramics, but when i taught myself to knit, fiber art sort of took over my life. my next craft to learn is soap-making! i'm lucky to have a very tolerant boyfriend...

I'm very fond of pook: he's very similar to the first monster i ever made (that one now lives in california), and i love how the little socks turned out! a lot of work went into those socks, and i learned a lot, which might have something to do with my affection for this guy.

It's true! His socks are super cute.

You must visit Canoo to find your own one of a kind monster!


canoo said...

thanks for featuring me and the monsters!

runrabbitrun said...

I heart "Canoo"! Your monsters are adorable, and Scuffer's tighty-whiteys are the cutest thing ever. :)

maeg said...

i love these! funky gorgeous!