Friday, October 3, 2008

Shai's Creations

Shai's shop if full of super cute tutus, clippies, bows, baby shoes, and children's clothing.

Mini interview with Shai:

I have a full-time job at a local University, a little girl that's about to be four, and I run my own crafting business. My plate is often overflowing, but I love crafting so much I keep coming back for seconds!

The end result - a smile on a mom or little girls face. There's nothing like opening my email and finding a picture of a beaming little girl wearing one of my tutu dresses three weeks after I send it out.

I was sick alot when I was younger, so my mom taught me to craft rather than sit infront of the tv. To this day, I prefer crafting to watching tv at night. I started with cross-stitching and just moved up from there.

My Double Tie Tutu Dress - I love it because it seems to be a favorite with little girls. They go nuts over it at shows, and who doesn't like excited, squealing, girly toddlers and preschoolers?

Thank you Shai :)

Be sure to check out Shai's adorable shop!

Shai's Creations

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