Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Pretty pink punk passport messenger bag

Born and raised in Coaldale, Pennsylvania, I remain in the same town in what is called the Panther Valley area. It's a very small town here, there aren't many things to do or places to go. That doesn't mean that there aren't awesome people who live here!
I was always a creative child, and decided early in High School that I wanted to be an Art teacher. I had a lot of wonderful people teach me through the years, but while in college I ran out of money because of living on my own and had to drop out to get a full time job.
I was quite discouraged for a long time since not only did I waste a lot of money on an unfinished degree, but I virtually had nothing to show for it. Nobody in my area was in need of a partially educated teacher, or a starving artist. I worked a lot of crummy jobs, and only worked on my arts and crafts as a hobby in between everything. I really wanted there to be a place for me to show my work and meet up with others striving for the same artistic and creative outlet as myself. I found Etsy through a magazine I used to subscribe to. I fell in love with the items people were selling. Never before did I really feel the need to be a part of any internet site like I did with Etsy. I joined up as soon as I had a few things that I thought were worth selling.
Time passed and I wondered why nothing of mine had sold. I gave up for a while, questioning whether the things I made were good enough. I became pregnant, and during that time I thought I could use my time at home with the new baby to get back on Etsy. I've been working now on my arts and crafts in between being a, "Chief cook and bottle washer". I find it to be satisfing my need to be creative, and I've enjoyed conversations I've had with other members.
I still haven't been selling as fast as I would like to, but I am willing to give it more time. I realize Etsy is a very big site that is filled with some extrodinary artists and crafters. This time though, instead of second guessing myself I will just keep tring harder.
Nature has always been my one true source of inspiration. I love watercolor painting, sculpting with polymer clay, knitting and crochet. Sometimes I like to combine all of those acts into a mixed media piece of art which is what I have been recently trying to work on. I don't like reproducing the same thing twice, and I hate knitting patterns!

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