Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Shadez of Michelle

Victorian style table lamp with bell shaped shade in red peachskin fabric,
overlaid with black and gold metallic lace, glass hand beaded fringes,
black trims and hand dyed appliques

Lovely shop specializing in vintage refinished lamps with Victorian style hand sewn lamp shades.

Shop Owner Bio:
I am one of those "Jack of all Trades". If I didn't learn it in college, it was self taught. I can wire your house, cut your hair, plumb your house, sell your house, change the oil in your car, carpet, paint, roof, sew, dance skate, hang glide, windsurf. The list is end-list. I have an addiction for wanting to know how things are done. I also love to invent things. I have been making lamp shades and working with Vintage lighting for 18 years. It is another addiction. I have things in million doller homes, have worked with several interior designers in my area and have even made table lamps and hanging fixtures for a restaurant in the arts district in Chicago.

Favorite Item:
shadez 0414 is one of them. It is a beautiful Vintage piece and I put a lot of dimension into the shade.