Sunday, April 4, 2010

Artwink: Charming handmade jewelry that sparkles and dazzles

Hello from the Hilltowns of Western Massachusetts!

How did I get started doing what I do? I have been creating handmade work for as long as I can remember. I believe I started out as a child making mud pies and graduated to creating objects out of whatever I could find. My interest in making things led to two stints in arts school once at Ohio Kent State University for a B.F.A. and the other in Illinois at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale for an M.F.A.

Why jewelry? Jewelry is one creative from that is woven throughout my career as an artist. I love to wear it as well as create it. My process is mostly intuitive and starts with color, texture and form. I decide ahead of time if the piece is to be a pair of earring, bracelet or necklace and assemble each work as a composition. I like to be thoughtful about what I am doing so the best approach for me is to work alone when it is quite. The materials that interest me the most are all sorts of fiber (crocheting and knitting are other passions) semi-precious stones, metal glass, bone and silver pmc (otherwise known as precious metal clay).

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paula said...

Thank you Lisa for the feature!