Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Squirrel Productions: "making nerdy/funky baby hats"

A perfect slug for your baby! This hat was crocheted with upcycled, 100% cotton, spring green yarn. The eye is made with soft acrylic yarn and padded with a small pillow filled with poly fiber fill. The antennae are made from the same yarn as the rest of the hat, and stand up on their own - they don't have any kind of insert.

In her own words:
I originally started it (Etsy shop) to sell my beaded jewelry. Then some friends asked me to make a brain slug hat for their baby, and it was so popular that I decided to sell them, too. I'm going to focus on making nerdy/funky baby hats for now - I'm currently working on sun hats for the summer, and then I'll make more crocheted hats for the fall/winter.

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