Friday, January 21, 2011

Felicity Lingle: Original Art, Stationery and Origami

In her own words:

Hi! My name is Felicity and I live in Boston, MA. My fun, happy shop is filled with my original artwork, stationery, zines, and origami. I love bright colors, animals, skulls and Mexico and incorporate these influences into my work. The art I make is affordable and one of a kind, and I use high quality paper and inks. I've been folding origami pieces since I was 9 years old and i'm really excited to include origami hearts in my shop for Valentine's Day!

When i'm not drawing or crafting, I like to explore and take photos of my city, try new recipes, and write my ever growing circle of pen pals. You can see more of what inspires me by visiting my blog at I would love it if you stopped by to say hello!

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Elexa said...

I like taking pictures of my city of Atlanta too. I was thinking of making some of the monuments into little coasters I saw someone do it with their city on another blog. Congrats on the blogpost.