Sunday, January 23, 2011

MADE Design & Crafts: felt donuts, children's products, and other must-have-cuties!

In her own words:

Hello! I'm Mayene (pronounced "my-yen"), owner of MADE Design & Crafts on Etsy. I'm a graphic designer and violin teacher hailing from San Francisco, California that (obviously) has a love for doughnuts. I initially opened shop in September 2010 with simple original art illustration prints, and then decided that if I did anything on the side, I might as well take time away from the computer, since I spend AT LEAST 8 hours a day in front of one.

A lot of my craft work and designs is heavily influenced by but not limited to "kawaii" style items ("cute" in Japanese). I spend a lot of time creating and improving upon little plush charms that I've grown up being attracted to in shops but never had the money to buy as a little girl, as well as thinking up ideas for children's educational resources and stories (such as my fabric ABC book and mini ABC pillow set as seen on Etsy and donut story coming soon). Many other ideas are set to go into production this year such as a plush version of Settlers of Catan (I'm a board game and video game geek in addition to much of my nerdiness)!

Outside of Etsy, I also offer design services and critique. I do wedding album design and photo retouching/editing on the side and have other creations such as custom playing cards.

SPECIAL PROMOTION: Purchase ONE felt plush donut ornament (listing for set of 3 donuts is NOT included in this special promotion) listed in my shop and get one free OF YOUR CHOICE. Limited supplies. (special promotion until 1/31) Also, all orders come with a FREE 4" x 4.5" card 2011 germ edition calendar while supplies last!

- 3-inch felt "glazed" donut plush
- 3-inch felt "chocolate glazed" donut plush
- 2.5-inch felt "Bostom cream" donut plush
- 2.5-inch felt "cream puff" plush
- Felt "eclair" donut plush (measures 1.5" x 3.5")

Buy one donut and let me know which type of donut you would like free via Conversations or special instructions during your purchase.

Where to find MADE Design & Crafts:

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