Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Studio8789: Handmade Accessories, New and Altered Clothing

In her own words:

For many years, I have dreamt of having my own small shop where I can sell my designs and fun vintage treasures I find along the way. As a working mother I never knew how I could possibly do it, but now ETSY makes it possible for me to give it a go (along with the fact that my two wonderful children are now in college!).

I am a full time physical therapist and a part time designer of new and altered clothing, accessories, and mixed media art. I learned to knit in 5th grade and to sew in 7th grade. I have continued learning new creative techniques my whole life.

I love to make my projects with unexpected materials. I like fresh items that are romantic and glamourous with a bit of glitz mixed in. I want my products to be the perfect addition to an outfit that will make the wearer feel this shows the world who she is as an individual.

My inspiration tends to come from anywhere. I love to read about other artists and designers not to copy but to learn. I might wake up with the design for a gorgeous dress in my head, or watch a movie with extraordinary costume design that I will adapt to a piece appropriate for today, or I may notice an interesting sign, poster or outfit and my brain will start churning--how I can incorporate this into my own design? My journal and sketch book are always with me.

The designs I am most excited about right now are my Free Lace Scarves and my Fabric Flower accessories. My Free Lace Scarves are made with a technique using Mokuba Free Lace Sheets and various fibers. I love choosing different fibers that I feel will coordiate beautifully together. I never know until the final step exactly what each piece will look like, as the fibers are layered and you dont get the full effect until the Mokuba sheets are gone. I have always been pleased with the results.

Lately I have been having a lot of fun making fabric flowers to use on various accessories. I learned the technique for making these flowers at a great art class taught by the very encouraging and talented artist Pamela Huntington. I started out using them on necklaces then branched into earrings, headbands and hairpins. I have even used them on a Christmas Wreath. They can be made with a multitude of colors and combinations. It seems each one I make is my new favorite!

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